Uncategorized Choosing the right images for your Website

Using stock images in the website building process has become a proven and popular strategy for small and big businesses alike. It’s cost-effective, efficient, convenient, and accessible. Done right, it improves brand awareness and people’s perception of your brand. With incompetent use, though, your company will fall to scrutiny for the lack of diligence that surfaced in the chosen stock images.

Let’s dive into the simple yet effective tips on how to choose stock images for your website.

Pay attention to image quality

Using stock images reflects the concept of having a professional photographer on your team. However, there’s no denying that stock photo banks still house thousands of images with subpar quality like those with non-ideal exposure, tones, and resolution quality. 

Businesses that use such substandard pictures will definitely fail in bringing a level of professionalism that they want for their brand. As such, it’s important to pay attention to key elements in your images in order to make them realistic and suitable for your brand.

Match the mood that suits your brand

A picture is indeed worth a thousand words. That’s why in choosing a photo for your website, you must think about the mood or emotion you want to convey to your viewer. Combine it with strong web copywriting; what you have now is an efficient tool in communicating your brand to your customers.

Align it with your content’s message 

When users remember the image they see, it’s highly likely that they will also remember the message that went alongside it. Aligning the image with your message can be done by using a photo that features buildings when talking about engineering, money when discussing investment, or computers when pertaining to anything I.T.-related.

Customize your chosen images

Always consider customizing your images with simple overlays or color adjustments, among other approaches, in order to incorporate and maintain brand identity with stock photos. Doing so will let you project a consistent and memorable branding since you personalize images towards the mood you want to evoke.

In summary, customizing your photos works wonders in brand recall since you are able to deliver a memorable feeling for users. 

As a professional web design agency, Web Dynoz applies proven stock photo practices that elevate your website’s brand identity in the digital world. With the help of our in-house graphic and web designers, we will not only give you exclusive ownership of your images, but we will also personalize them in order to meet your brand’s specific demands.